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Bestaat uit : Renske Das, Anja Pleit, Sijmen Hendriks, Joost Bos, Wies van Keulen

Eerder op Folkwoods : 2002 en 2011

Beschrijving : PARTY FOLK! Armed with unrecognizable stringed instruments, accordion, cowbell and other drumming materials, Kalio breaks through barriers. The music mixes folk, ska, punk and reggae. Three frontwomen let you shout along in a language you don't know, a language from a place east of your imagination. Kalio rocks folky and breaks with traditions... always with the song in mind. Making a smashing party with loads of energy, open to everything that passes by. On her endless musical journey, Kalio dances from Belgrade to Biddinghuizen to Bogota, surprised at how small the world really is. Summers with festivals like Lowlands, Into The Great Wide Open, Festival Mundial, Bestival (UK) and Oerol clearly had an impact on the music. Hardened, a more solid sound and with even more influences: Cosmopolitan 2.0. Kalio Gayo is do-it-yourself and rebellious optimism.

Komende optredens :

  •  6 maart, ACU, Utrecht