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Bestaat uit : Linde Nijland, Bert Ridderbos en Fred Piek

Eerder op Folkwoods : niet in deze setting. Linde (solo 2003; Ygdrassil, 2002 en 2006), Bert (Ygdrassil, 2002 en 2006).

Beschrijving : Linde has been performing for over 15 years, first as part of well known harmony singing duo Ygdrassil till 2007 -, lately as a successful folk singer and songwriter.

Linde has made 9 albums and 2 DVDs and tours all over Europe with her crystal clear voice and captivating performance. She received high acclaim for her renditions of songs by the late Sandy Denny, her all time favourite singer. Joe Boyd (former producer of Nick Drake, Fairport Convention, Pink Floyd) said about this album: 'Linde Nijland has given Sandy  Denny's music the respect it deserves, and made a lovely and fresh record that shows off her beautiful voice as well as her good taste'. July 2009 he asked her to be part of an All Star Fairport Convention reunion concert in the Barbican Hall in London (with i.e. Richard Thompson). Linde also made a Dutch album, the poetic 'Visman'.

In 2011 a DVD / CD of Linde's recent adventurous musical journey to Bhutan (through Serbia, Turkey, Iran, Pakistan, India) was released. A new album with plenty original material will be out in 2013.

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